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Uncle Joe's Trading Post
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Welcome to Our Surplus
Equipment, Merchandise & Misc. Sales
featuring Used Restaurant Items

Our Web site is new, but we've been around a long time. We have lots of surplus merchandise in a variety of categories. Equipment, fixtures, & offers will change from time to time.

Due to the fact that we are not available at regular times, we are using a service to receive phone, e-mail and fax inquiries remotely. We will then return calls as soon as possible to reply to each inquiry.


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    1987 Trailmobil Truck/Trailor with rack and tool cab for ChevyS-10.

    #V1. 1985 AMC Eagle: 4WD, auto trans, current inspection. $1,200

    truck #V2. 1978 Ford Cube Van: 14' fiberglass box, runs good, needs some front-end work for inspection. $2,500

    #V6. 1985 Iveco: 14' Thermo Key refrigerated box with built-in shelves. 5-speed Trans. Deisel. "As is"--ran good, but has been sitting for a while. $2,000 or will consider best offer.

    #V3. 1967 Chrysler Imperial: Can be registered regular or as antique. Power windows & door locks. Nice interior but exterior needs painted. Easily restore with minor work. A bargain @ $1,500

    #V4. 1977 Chevy Impala: 80,000 +/- original miles. Needs about $100 for battery, wiper & minor repair for Inspection. $600

    #V5. 1982 Mustang: For parts. Best Offer.

    (All Used - Pick Up & Remove)

    FEATURED! Setup for Ice Cream Shoppe. 5 twin soft-serve machines. 1 Taylor, 1 Electro Freeze, 3 Santi Serve.

    #R1. Double-door, double-glass upright display freezer; remote compressor, runs good. Both doors have double glass, one pane on one door is cracked. $550.00

    #R2. Double-door, glass display roll-top freezer. Self contained. $400.00

    #R3. Counter-top display freezer. Good for use at check-out counter. $750.00

    #R4. Refrigerated, 4' deli case. Self contained. $750.00

    #R5. Gold Medal popcorn machine and base. $700.00

    #R6. Floor model, Bar-B-Que King rotisserie. $800.00

    #R7. Stoling Slush Puppy machine & soft-serve machine. $3,000.00

    #R8. Upright, refrigerated, merchandise display case; 2' wide 6' high. $200.00

    #R9. Baker's rack on wheels. $50.00

    #R10. Counter top model Wisco pizza oven. $75.00 ea. (more than one available)

    #R11. Soft pretzel display warmers - plexiglass. $20.00 ea. (more than one available)

    #R12. Soft pretzel display warmer - stainless steel. $60.00

    #R13. Nacho display warmer. $60.00

    #R14. Nearly new! Completely self-contained, countertop Auto-Fry. Requires no hood and no additional insurance. Ideal for convenience store or fast food service location without the additional cost of installation. Used less than 6 hours. $7,000 when New. Can be yours for just $2,500.00!

    #R15. Older Chest Freezer. $50.00

    #R16. Upright Freezer. $75.00

    #R17. Roll-top, Pop or Beer Cooler. Needs compressor. $75.00

    R#18. Tyler, upright, glass-door display cooler. $200.00

    Click HERE for list of additional restaurant equipment (in rough inventory form with no prices).

    We have so many different items, if you need something not listed here, why not give us a call and let us know what you are looking for? We may have it!

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