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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 9:00 AM EDT, Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Arden Services Continues Expanding Online Services

Arden Services, originator and operator of Area Real Estate for Sale—™, the only online property guide specifically serving Northwest and North Central Pennsylvania, online since Nov. 1997, continues to enhance and emphasize its Internet services. On June 23, 2004, reached a milestone as its 900th property for sale was listed online.

Arden Services has been providing Internet services since 1996. Products and services include Web-site hosting on dedicated and shared virtual servers, Web-site design and maintenance, online shopping cart setup and maintenance, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), online computer & Internet help, Internet income opportunities, and merchandise sales through Arden Services' Web site.

Arden Services provides site hosting which includes a multitude of user accessible enhancement tools for under $20.00 per month. Richard A. (Dick) Johnson, a Kane, PA native who owns Arden Services, designs and maintains Web sites along with providing the other services. Johnson says, "We provide site hosting on several customer-specific hosting companies, focusing on business/industry type, demographics or geographic location. We also strive for SEO by, among other activities, affiliating with a major SEO service."

In November 2003, Arden Services launched Arden's General Store. They had closed a store called The Village Emporium, which sold a myriad of merchandise, and consolidated the store with two households. This provided a cornucopia of new, like-new, used and collectible merchandise. They also accept consignments from selected sources, giving a wide range of items from which to choose. In order to enhance shopping convenience even more, Arden Services is an affiliate, and provides a search engine and a number of links to popular Amazon categories.

As an online service located in a remote area in the Allegheny National Forest in NW Pennsylvania, it is essential to be able to serve customers and clients who are not located in the area. One way is by accepting assignments and orders via email, online upload, mail, phone and fax. Another way they accomplish this is by accepting payments by check, VISA or MasterCard, and any credit card or electronic check through PayPal. Because of its flexibility, Arden Services has served customers and clients from California in the west to Germany in the east, and from New England in the north to Argentina in the south.

Phone (814) 837-7824 for additional information.


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